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Note to our customers

Since October 2009 ESellerAds have been displayed on your blogs, websites, Facebook pages almost 2 million times, and more than 4,000 people have created ads for their Etsy shops. Through ESellerAds we learned a lot about what marketing services Etsy sellers need and then created a search engine optimization and social marketing service called Handmade Spark to meet this need.

The growth of Handmade Spark since February and the results achieved for Etsy sellers has been amazing. We hope that you will take a look at Handmade Spark.

By joining Handmade Spark you get your own search engine optimized mini-site and product pages that get you visibility across the web. We constantly promote Handmade Spark on social networks, blogs, and sites, generating even more visibility for you!

To make the move to Handmade Spark easier, we recently reduced the price by 50% to only $6 per month. We hope that you'll give Handmade Spark a try!

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The ESellerAds Team